V3 Kiilud 100tk

Plastkiilud. Saadaval suurused S; M; L

Used with the V3 Ring, the Wave-Wedge has unsurpassed sealing capability at the gingival margin. Its smart features, including a central concavity – the ‘wave’ – ensure it stands head and shoulders above any other wedge available.

Adaptive sealing
Accommodates gingival tissue
Strength and anatomical design
Sure and safe positioning

Most wedges have to be rigid enough to provide tooth separation but also be adaptive enough to provide sealing of the matrix at the gingival margin. Where other wedges suffer from a conflict of function, the Wave-Wedge achieves superbly – providing optimal anatomical approximation and a broad gingival seal

Plastkiilud. Saadaval suurused S; M; L



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